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Know yourself better

After finishing any MTB route with us, whether it is a SPIN Day or a SPIN Tour, you will receive a detailed report of your personal performance.

Riding a lighter bike is not enough if you want to be faster than your friends. We've all thought of that trick already! ;-)

If you truly want to improve your performance, our SPIN Report will be your point of reference. Everyone is different, so we each have to measure our "room for improvement" in a different way – and especially, know how to interpret this information. And what better way to do this than with wearable technology!

Thanks to the POLAR bike computers and heart rate monitors that we provide for your use at no additional cost, we obtain the information needed for a SPIN Report. This report is a dossier with all of the information you will need in order to know how your body responds to exertion and how it recovers. We even include recommendations for training, nutrition and recovery.

What can I expect from a SPIN REPORT?

A SPIN REPORT includes:
• Maximum en route heart rate (HRMax)

This parameter tells us your theoretical exertion tolerance without compromising your health. This figure depends on your age and sex.

En route HR%

This gives an idea of how close you were to your HRMax during a given route.

Heart rate recovery

This parameter shows the level of recovery following exertion. A good parameter is to drop approximately 50 beats in 3 minutes or between 25 and 35 in 1 minute.

Anaerobic threshold

The anaerobic threshold is a metabolic concept that is used to refer to the exertion level at which there is a sudden demand for energy and the body begins to burn energy primarily from stored carbohydrates through the anaerobic pathway, i.e. without complete oxidation, because this is the quickest energy system.

Aerobic threshold

The moment at which aerobic effort begins and oxygen becomes the energy source.

Pedal cadence

This is the number of pedal strokes per minute, and if we compare this data to HR% and HRMax we can calculate your efficiency during exertion.

Calorie calculation

Based on your weight, height, the kms you have ridden and the gradient of the route, we can calculate the number of calories you have burned.

Our team of experts in top-level competition training [titulados, UB, INEFC] have been instructed in how to interpret the data obtained, give you an explanation in easy-to-understand terms and provide tips on the best way to improve your performance.
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With SPINATURA your challenge begins upon completing any of MTB routes!