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What is your motivation?

The reasons for each when riding a bike can be very varied: by having a good time with friends, escape from routine, by train , to enjoy nature, to seek inspiration, inertia ... or just about anything specific. Sometimes I do not even remember why we went or what motivated us.

For those days you do not know why you you raised before bed , why renounced the beer the night before , why you missed the plan with family ... then you can become the king of the routes in MTB , you we challenge you reach the level of SPIN KING.

You can either start directly " attacking " a marked route to the level KING of SPIN or work from below: start with a route KNIGHT of SPIN, then SIR of SPIN and so on to the zenith of a route level KING of SPIN

You can feel proud, because your achievement is not for sale

The award you will receive for completing an entire route is not for sale. This means that only those who have finished a full route will be awarded the prize. And this way we can be sure that you will wear your accomplishment with pride.

No more excuses. We can give you reasons and motivation... Will you accept the challenge?