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The participant states:

  1. he/she is aware of the peculiarities on the physical level required to carry out the activity he/she is signing in for;
  2. he/she knows the risks to his/her health implicit in the development of the activity; and
  3. he/she understands that he/she must follow the safety rules specified by EMOTION SPORTS AND NATURE’s staff.

Therefore, he/she declares having the physical level required to carry out the hired activity and exonerates EMOTION SPORTS AND NATURE from any responsibility for the lack of truthfulness on the physical level that he/she bears and/or on any setback he/she may suffer in case he/she does not follow the indications of any satff designated by EMOTION SPORTS AND NATURE.

In this sense, he/she states expressly and unequivocally to comply with the requirement of physical level required for the activity to be developed.

In case of hiring the service SPIN & Win, it will be mandatory to carry out an exercise test that must be delivered prior to contracting to EMOTION SPORTS AND NATURE in order to assess the physical possibilities of the participant to carry out such activity.