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Dani de Quadras
I have three passions: travelling, cycling and skiing... although anything with a motor and a couple of wheels will bring out the kid in me! ;-)

I am the team "master", with 47 years under my belt. They say that being a veteran is like having a degree, and if it is paired with absolute professionalism, it's like having two. I have more than 25 years' experience organising sports trips for companies and individuals on 5 continents, from ski vacations in Canada to safaris in Botswana or motorcycle tours in Chile. My clients have remained loyal to me, and I to them.

I started the SPINATURA project to be able to respond to the needs of many of my clients. But, why lie, the main reason is to be able to enjoy my two passions at the same time: travelling and cycling. Starting this adventure from the ground up has given me the positive energy I need to continue offering the same quality and treatment I have given my clients over the past 25 years.

Israel Oliva
I was born 44 years ago in Barcelona. I am and I feel like an entrepreneur, a sportsman and a citizen of the world. I love to travel and combine my trips with sports activities (cycling, scuba diving, skiing...)

I have a degree in Physical Education and Sports Science from the National Institute for Physical Education, Catalonia (INEFC) at the University of Barcelona. My education has allowed me not only to work professionally in planning training programmes for clients in different disciplines (mountain races, MTB, motorcycling, motor racing...), but to enjoy doing it at the same time.

Throughout my entire life I have made my passions a way of life. Participating in this project makes me happy on three fronts: we created a company from the ground up, we travel and we do sport. I can think of no better way to work than with passion, transmitting your enthusiasm to all those around you.