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Your bike still has many roads to travel

Dani de Quadras, one of the three founding partners of SPINATURA has travelled to Africa on numerous occasions and has witnessed first-hand one of the obstacles to the development of many communities.

There are hundreds of African villages where children must walk long distances to get to school. The bicycle is therefore their only method of transport, and it is the best means of avoiding children being unable to attend school, thus contributing to the development of towns and communities.

As a personal initiative, in 2013 Dani started the Bicis Solidarias (Bikes for Solidarity) project which aimed to collect the greatest number of bicycles possible from individual donors in Barcelona and donate them to schools in southern Morocco.

Seeing the children smile and their eyes light up when they received their bikes was unforgettable. Those of you with children will know what we're talking about..

To ensure that the bikes would be delivered in a fair and organised manner, Dani contacted Association Hassilabiad a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the living conditions in villages in southwest Morocco.

The figures

The project has many associated costs, which Dani and his friends assumed on their own when the project began. However, given the success of the first delivery, they are going to need a sponsor for further undertakings.

These are the expenses that will require a sponsor:

  • Premises/Spaces for receiving and storing donated bikes
  • Personnel and means of transport from points of delivery to the regrouping area
  • Personnel and material to adjust bikes and prepare them for use
  • Transport of bikes to the point of delivery at the destination
  • Required administrative paperwork with the authorities
  • Transport of volunteers to the point of delivery at the destination
  • Helmets
  • Water bottles
  • Bike parking facilities

Collaborators to date are:

If you would like to help us ensure that each day more children can smile thanks to Bikes for Solidarity, don't hesitate to contact us at hello@spinatura.com