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Picos de Europa

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Bike: Road
Nivel Técnico
Technical Level: 2 / 5

Technical Level 2/5

- You know how to use the brakes and the gears

- You have had occasional contact with bikes on paths 3-4m wide

- You can operate the GPS while riding on flat terrain

- You get off the bike when you are on a narrow descent

- You do not use cleats, or you have used them but are not entirely comfortable with their use

Knows all technical levels

Nivel Físico
Physical Level: 4 / 5

Physical Level 4/5

- You can ride for 5-6h/day for 2 (or more) consecutive days at a moderate/fast pace with rests

- You can manage a 800-1,200m uphill climb over the course of a day

- You do 5h/week of aerobic exercise, much of it on the bike

- You are in good physical condition

- You know your body well enough to know when to stop or let up your pace

Knows all physical levels

kilometers: 370 km
Número etapas
Number of stages: 3
Número de días 4
Number of days: 4
Desnivel +
Cumulative altitude + : 25262 ft
Desnivel -
Cumulative altitude - : 25262 ft

3 days loaded with positive slope and quality routes without traffic, good asphalt and beautiful views from the summit, medium mountain or coast, as only occurs in the pure north.

Map day 1:   

Map day 2:

Map day 3:


The schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Picos de Europa

Distance: 81 mi

Positive slope: 2500 mts

Potes - San Glorio - Riaño - Posada de Valdeón - Santa Marina de Valdeón - Portilla de la Reina - San Glorio - Potes. Intensive stage, we'll climb three spots, San Glorio, Panderrueda and Pandetrave. Approx. 81 mi, I should double check, and approx. 8202 ft of positive slope. If you are a thrill-seeker you can add up 1968 ft of positive slope in a in-route variation to Dobres - Cucayo. Cucayo is a beautiful village and it is considered the best venue for Asturian bicycle touring. This unforgettable mountain stage will take you to the heart of the Picos de Europa.

Day 2: Picos de Europa

Distance: 75 mi

Positive slope: 8530 ft

Potes - La Hermida - Cicera - Quintanilla - Puentenansa - Piedrasluengas - Potes. 75 mi approximately and 8530 ft of positive slope approx. A monument for bicycle touring. We'll head up to El Collado de la Hoz, El Collado de Ozalba and Piedrasluengas Port, also this day we'll get to the mythical La Hermida Pass. This is an unbelievable ride with 16 mi of downhill at the end. Again, for the thrill-seekers, there's a 3 mi harsh section between Collado de la Hoz and Colladode de Ozalba. Know your limits, because there are 23 more miles waiting for you in Piedrasluengas.

Day 3: Scenic Cantabrian

Distancia en bici: 50 - 75 mi

Desnivel positivo: 8530 ft

Medium mountain stage, nevertheless, you'll feel the pain in your legs and will leave you exhausted after many ups and downs at el Sopalo (no matter how good you are, it will burn). Thankfully, all this is compensated by the incredible views to the Cantabrian and the Picos de Europa, great asphalt and cero traffic, nada! A spectacular route. Although it doesn't seem to, it is a hard ride, if the wind starts blowing, it may feel endless. This section of the route has many variations, from 50 mi to 75 mi, whatever works for you, no problem.

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Included in price:

- Accommodation in charming hotels with half-board and double occupancy

- Daily recovery stops with energy drinks, fruit, dry fruit, energy bars

- Assistance vehicle with spare bike

- Technical and guidance staff (route guide and basic mechanics)

- Internal transfers between stages

- Luggage transport between stages

- Bike transport in secure vehicle from and to BCN (theft insurance included)

- Travel medical insurance

- Customized start-number

- Route tracks pre-route

- Graphic material post-route

- Welcome pack.

Not included in price:

- Bike rental.

- Spare parts

- Extra drinks.

- Gear (Helmets, gloves, bike shoes). Consult prices

- Flights to destination.

- Accident insurance.

- Cleaning and daily greasing.

- Polar V650 rental (includes personalized physical analysis of each stage).

- Home pick up and delivery of your bike

- If available, individual rooms. Consult prices

- Transfers IN/OUT destination airport

Note: an additional individual rider fee will apply for groups of 4 or less. Please contact us for pricing.

Day 1, 2 and 3: Potes , Balneario La Hermida 4****+ (www.balneariolahermida.com)

Name Bike SPIN Level Destination Start Date End Date Price Availability
Name Bike SPIN Level Destination Start Date End Date Price Availability
Picos de Europa ROAD LORD 05/09/2020 07/09/2020 840 Guaranteed

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Should you have any doubt during your booking process, please do nothesitate to contact us at +34 931 539 300 or via email hello@spinatura.com
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