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Barcelona MTB Montserrat Ride

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Bike: MTB
Nivel Técnico
Technical Level: 2 / 5

Technical Level 2/5

- You know how to use the brakes and the gears

- You have had occasional contact with bikes on paths 3-4m wide

- You can operate the GPS while riding on flat terrain

- You get off the bike when you are on a narrow descent

- You do not use cleats, or you have used them but are not entirely comfortable with their use

Knows all technical levels

Nivel Físico
Physical Level: 4 / 5

Physical Level 4/5

- You can ride for 5-6h/day for 2 (or more) consecutive days at a moderate/fast pace with rests

- You can manage a 800-1,200m uphill climb over the course of a day

- You do 5h/week of aerobic exercise, much of it on the bike

- You are in good physical condition

- You know your body well enough to know when to stop or let up your pace

Knows all physical levels

kilometers: 60 km
Número etapas
Number of stages: 1
Desnivel +
Cumulative altitude + : 4921 ft
Desnivel -
Cumulative altitude - : 4921 ft

The Barcelona Montserrat MTB Ride is a circular route around Catalonia's unique Montserrat mountain which mirrors the route of the famous local La Portals ATB race. Do you want to feel the earthly power of this spiritual mountain? Sign up now and experience it!

The Barcelona Montserrat MTB Ride is a gift from heaven. Riding through this natural park with such a unique mountain in the background is an experience everyone should enjoy.

After meeting at the pick-up point in Barcelona (of which you will be notified in advance), we will take the SPINATURA vans to the starting point of this magnificent ATB route. Once there we will adjust our bikes, you will be given a short briefing of the route and some basic safety rules... and then off we go!

We will start in Collbató and head north-west towards El Bruc, where we will begin our first long ascent, although the incline is not steep. In El Bruc we will begin the most imposing uphill slope on our route: 4.5 km which will take us from an altitude of 474 metres to 718 metres, the highest point on our Barcelona Montserrat MTB Ride. From here we can enjoy unique and panoramic views from this beautiful mountain. And if we are lucky, we may even spot one of the wild mountain goats that wander about this park perched atop one of the mountain spires.

From here we will begin a 12 km descent combined with a few slides which winds through Marganell, El Prat and Sant Cristòfol, and which will bring us to the lowest town on our ATB route, Monistrol de Montserrat (150 m above sea level). We will continue descending to 89 m above sea level, where we will reach the south-easternmost point on our Barcelona Montserrat MTB Ride, and then ride up a few slopes to return to our starting point.

90% of the Barcelona Montserrat MTB Ride is on technically accessible tracks and trails. Most uphill climbs have an incline of less than 10%, but they are long, so riders must be physically fit. 

Those of you interested in finding out a bit more about the mystery of nature enclosed in the mountain of Montserrat can visit the Benedictine monastery, located at an altitude of 720 m. The Montserrat Monastery houses the second-largest library in Europe, as well as what is considered one of the finest wine cellars in the world. Should we stay for a short tasting? ;-)

Once you have finished this MTB route in Barcelona, you will receive a personalised SPIN Report

The organization reserves the right to modify some sections of the route and/or the accommodations if necessary. Our clients will be notified of any change immediately. 

Do you want to ride this route alone with your friends? Inquire about closed group prices at hello@spinatura.com.

Would you like us to design an exclusive route just for you? We are experts in designing the route you've always dreamed of. Ask us now at hello@spinatura.com.

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Included in price:

- Accommodation in charming hotels with half-board and double occupancy

- Daily recovery stops with energy drinks, fruit, dry fruit, energy bars

- Assistance vehicle with spare bike

- Technical and guidance staff (route guide and basic mechanics)

- Internal transfers between stages

- Luggage transport between stages

- Bike transport in secure vehicle from and to BCN (theft insurance included)

- Travel medical insurance

- Customized start-number

- Route tracks pre-route

- Graphic material post-route

- Welcome pack.

Not included in price:

- Bike rental.

- Spare parts

- Extra drinks.

- Gear (Helmets, gloves, bike shoes). Consult prices

- Flights to destination.

- Accident insurance.

- Cleaning and daily greasing.

- Polar V650 rental (includes personalized physical analysis of each stage).

- Home pick up and delivery of your bike

- If available, individual rooms. Consult prices

- Transfers IN/OUT destination airport

Note: an additional individual rider fee will apply for groups of 4 or less. Please contact us for pricing.

Name Bike SPIN Level Destination Start Date End Date Price Availability
Name Bike SPIN Level Destination Start Date End Date Price Availability
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Extra Services
Should you have any doubt during your booking process, please do nothesitate to contact us at +34 931 539 300 or via email hello@spinatura.com
In order to make your experience an unforgettable one, we offer you all those extras you might need. If you feel there’s anything missing in the list below, please don’t even hesitate for a sec to ask for it. We will do whatever is in our hand to please your wishes! ;-)

Contact us through hello@spinatura.com and we will advise you about availability and prices of:

  • Pedals
  • Helmet
  • Bike pick up & delivery at home
  • Maillots
  • Culottes
  • Socks
  • Arm warmers
  • Gloves
  • Cancellation insurance

Order Summary
Should you have any doubt during your booking process, please do nothesitate to contact us at +34 931 539 300 or via email hello@spinatura.com
Seat on the route235 €
Bike rental
Payment type
(*)The remaining 60% must be paid by bank transfer 30 natural days before the start of the route at the latest
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